Fonepay for Business is a platform for merchants or business owner to receive payments via QR. Fonepay for Business app is an app for the merchants to track the transactions made through QR code. Tracking transacation, refunding, viewing summary are also available in the app.


The businesses or merchants are enrolled in Fonepay network through the Acquirer(BFIs). So, to become a fonepay merchant, business owner need to visit the acquirer and fill out the form or acquirer visit the merchants and enroll them to the network. To enroll in the network PAN was necessary which was limitation for the small business who doesn't have PAN of their business.


Since, Fonepay for Business was already there, we added the self registration feature to make enrollnment of merchant in the Fonepay network easier. They need to follow some steps and then they can receive payments through QR. With this feature added, even small business can join the network through their government verified citizenship card.

After the internal discussion, we decided on the steps to register the business in the fonepay network can created a user flow based on the discussion.

With the information and the user flow, I started with pen and paper to roughly sketch the initial ideas and direction. And then I switched to the my go to design tool, Figma and implemented the design. Since, the design system and component library was already there, it was not very hard for me to implement the sketch into actual design.

Initial registration

Firstly merchant have to create an account with their mobile number only then the merchant can proceed to next step.

Unlock QR

After the initial registration, merchant have to submit the banking details to unlock QR and receive payments from QR. The banking details provided will be use to settle the amount received from QR to the merchant.

Business Details

After unlocking QR, merchant have to submit their business details, and contact information. So that customer can know more about the merchant information.

Document submission

After entering business details, merchant have to submit thier required documents and get verified resulting in the full potential of fonepay merchant without limitations.

The results

After rolling out the self registration, 200+ new merchants were registered in the network within 2 days, wihtout promoting and marketing.

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